Verifiable Documents

Learn how ICTA makes documents verifiable.



Step 1

Cryptographically hashed

When a licence is issued, the document is cryptographically hashed based on its content. This generates a unique hash that is added to the document.

Step 2

Signed by ICTA

The unique hash of the document is then cryptographycally signed with ICTA’s private key, generating a signature. This signature is appended to the document as well.

Step 3

Verifying Authenticity

When you scan the QR-code, your document content will be cryptographically hashed again.

If the content in your uploaded document is identical to the document issued by the ICTA, this generated hash will be identical as well.

Step 4

Verifying issuer

The verifier confirms the validity of the licence by checking the ICTA’s public key on Ethereum.

This way, you’ll know if your document is issued by the ICTA.