Launching of the Service

eVerify Service

Launching of the Service

  • eVerify Service gives added assurance to the different stakeholders and the public using Licences issued by the Authority when conducting business and making business decisions with the use verifiable credentials based on the blockchain technology.


Information and Communication Technologies (Registration of SIM) Regulations 2023



Scan your Service Providers’ QR code to re-register.


Receive a licence from ICTA

Scan / Upload

Scan the QR code on the document or upload the OpenAttestation file.

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View and Verify

View and check if the document is issued by ICTA.


Making documents verifiable

When a document is issued, a unique digital code is created based on its content and tagged to the document.

When you upload the document on this site, another digital code will be created. If the content within the uploaded document is identical to the original document, both digital codes will match.

This way, you’ll know if your document is issued by the ICTA.


Step 3


Check if the received document is issued by ICTA, is illustrated below