Online Consumer Complaint System

The Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICT Authority) has an online Consumer Complaint System to enable consumers to lodge complaints or appropriate queries about ICT services. 

In the context of the COVID 19 global pandemic, consumers are encouraged to make the most of the system to Stay Safe and practice Social Distancing and thus avoid having to physically come to the Authority just to file a complaint.

ICT consumers can create an account on the system and file their complaints or submit a query.

To set up the account, a valid email address is required. The details for creating an account are on the home page of the system. The Authority will examine and address the complaint or query in line with provisions of the ICT Act 2001 (as amended) and the Authority’s processes.

Section 18 (o) of the ICT Act 2001 provides that the Authority, ‘entertain complaints from consumers in relation to any information and communication service in Mauritius and, where necessary, refer them to the appropriate authorities.’

The Authority’s approach to handle consumer complaints is one founded on the principle of the rights and responsibilities of the consumer in line with international practices.

As such, consumers are required to use all available means at their disposal to resolve any complaint or dispute with their operator, or service provider based on the terms of contract or service level agreement (SLA).

Consumers have the responsibility to ensure they are aware about the terms and conditions governing the purchase of products and services and the contract they enter into so that in a competitive market, they are indeed making informed choices.

In turn the licensed operators have an obligation to their customers that complaints are resolved in a fair and timely manner and that their customers are provided with the necessary information in a transparent way.

The Authority’s Online Consumer Complaint System can be accessed at the following link:

For clearance of ICT equipment being imported, the Authority provides another online service via a dedicated portal. Applications can be submitted using this link: All the information pertaining to procedures for submitting applications are on the Authority’s website: