One of the main objects of the ICT Authority is to encourage the provision of accessible information and communication services, at affordable cost nationwide, towards meeting the needs of the country.

In accordance with Sections 17 & 31 of the ICT Act 2001, the ICT Authority has put in place a Tariff Regulatory Framework (TRF), as part of its broader mandate for the regulation of the ICT sector from an economic standpoint. This requires the said licensees to submit their tariff applications to the ICT Authority, which then proceeds to reaching the appropriate determination in relation to same, based on a mix of market driven appraisals, together with the examination of the cost structures underlying the various services.

In this context, the TRF currently adopted by the Authority centres on the following building blocks:

  • Guidelines for the submission of tariff applications for information and communication services – these guidelines detail the tariff application procedure & disclosure requirements that licensed operators have to follow when aiming to launch new tariffs / services, or alter the tariffs for existing services, which they are eligible to supply under their appropriate commercial licence(s) as issued by the ICT Authority;

  • Promotional Policy Framework on Telecommunication Services – this framework details the promotional tariff application procedure & simplified disclosure requirements whereby licensed operators wish to run promotional tariffs relating to existing services, for which they have obtained the corresponding tariff approvals from the ICT Authority, in line with their respective commercial licence(s) held.

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