(Please click here to download the RF Interference Complaints Form )

The Authority has the mandate of managing the radio spectrum effectively and efficiently so as to minimize harmful interference between radiocommunication services.

Therefore any person experiencing possible harmful interference on a radio communication receiver may submit a complaint to the ICT Authority a complaint on the form on this page.

Upon receipt of your complaint, the Authority may contact you for further information.

Depending on the nature of the radio interference complaint, the Authority may consult with other authorities for action to be taken up at their end according to their respective mandate and functions.

Licensed operators are advised to check if interference is not being caused by their own radio communication systems prior to submitting complaints to the ICT Authority.

The Authority will call on the assistance and collaboration of complainants to access sites they may own or rent in cases where an on-site investigation is warranted and where equipment to measure or monitor spectrum will be used.

The outcome of a radio interference investigation will be communicated to the complainant once the ICT Authority has carried out all the necessary measurements/surveys/consultation exercises that the investigation may entail.