Numbers are used for identification of entities needed in telecommunication services as well as for routing and billing purposes. They constitute the national resource of the country and therefore require efficient management and administration.

The ICT Authority has as statutory function under section 18 (1) (q) of the ICT Act 2001(as amended), “to determine the numbering system to be used for every information and communication services including telecommunication service, and manage, review, and, where appropriate, reorganize the numbering system.”

In pursuance of the above function, the following main tasks are carried by the Authority:

  • Setting the proper framework within which the national numbering scheme may be continuously developed and tailored for new and innovative services;
  • Allocating numbers including E.164 numbers for existing telecommunications services;
  • Monitoring the utilisation of the numbering resource;
  • Performing numbering audits on a yearly basis;
  • Amending the numbering plan as and when required;
  • Following the work of relevant  ITU-T Study Groups on numbering issues.

The ICT Authority administers the following numbering resources:-

  • Geographic Numbers
  • Mobile Numbers
  • Toll Free Numbers
  • Short Codes
  • Special Numbers
  • Carrier Selection Codes
  • International Signalling Point Codes (ISPC)

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