As a converged ICT regulatory body, the ICT Authority has embarked on the process of consolidating regulation across sectors that are converging, such as telecommunications, broadcasting and IT. In fact, there is a very real need to bring regulation up-to-date in light of the convergence of information and communications technologies.

Consequently there is a need to create a forward looking and more flexible regulatory framework to enable the ICT Authority to transform itself into a resilient organisation responsive to the numerous pressures for change that confront it in the light of convergence.

The day to day regulatory activities pertaining to the Internet is be driven by the sections 18 (1) (m), (n), (o) and (z) of the ICT Act 2001, as amended and which read as follows:

  • (m) take steps to regulate or curtail the harmful and illegal content on the Internet and other information and communication services;
  • (n) ensure the safety and quality of every information and communication services including telecommunication service and, for that purpose, determine technical standards for telecommunication network, the connection of customer equipment to telecommunication networks;
  • (o) entertain complaints from consumers in relation to any information and communication service in Mauritius and, where necessary, refer them to the appropriate authorities;
  • (z) be the Controller of Certification Authorities.