As from 1st October 2019, all applications for the importation of ICT equipment are to be made solely on an online web portal ( of the ICT Authority prior to customs clearance.

You are advised to read the ‘Clearance to import ICT Equipment Guidelines’  before proceeding with any application for clearance.

List of Type Approved Equipment

Type Approval Ref Type Make Model
TA/2014/0002 VHF Marine Transceiver ICOM IC-M323
TA/2014/0008 VHF Marine Transceiver ICOM IC-M73
TA/2014/0011 UMTS Repeater Coiler VB-2200
TA/2014/0012 Wireless Access Equipment Huawei AP6010DN-AGN
TA/2014/0018 Wireless Access Equipment Ceragon FibeAir 2000
TA/2014/0024 Marine Radar FURUNO NavNet 3D DRS2D
TA/2014/0025 Marine Equipment - Radio Buoy Marine Instruments M2P Buoy
TA/2014/0026 Marine Radar FURUNO FR-8062
TA/2014/0046 Radio Amateur Equipment YAESU FT857
TA/2014/0074 Telemetry Equipment Thermokon SR04PST
Type Approval Ref Type Make Model