Universal Service Fund

The Universal Access/Service aims to ensure that information and communication services, which are essential to social and economic inclusion, are available to everyone and to address specific market failures in an efficient way by offering services at affordable prices.

The concept of the Universal Service/Access is characterised by availability, accessibility and affordability and has thus been developed as an ancillary tool to promote access to ICT services in un-served or under-served areas or sectors.

The basis of Universal Service Fund (USF) in Mauritius has been established as a principle under Section 16(a) of the Information and Communication Technologies Act 2001 (as amended) whereby one of the objects of the Authority is ‘to democratise access to information taking account the quality, diversity, and plurality in the choice of services available through the use of information and communication technologies.’

In accordance with Sections 18(1)(w) and 21(1) of the ICT Act 2001 (as amended), the ICT Authority has the statutory duty to establish and manage a USF.

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