The Postal Authority was established as a regulatory body under the Postal Services Act 2002 for the postal, courier and ancillary services.

The Postal Authority, in the discharge of its functions, performs the following:

  1. licence, renew, amend, vary, suspend, cancel or revoke a licence issued under this Act;
  2. approve or fix rates for each of the types of postal, courier or ancillary service offered by licensees;
  3. conduct surveys, tests and evaluations as regards the standard of services delivered by licensees;
  4. regulate the issue of postage stamps, their themes and designs;
  5. determine uniform standards, best practices and codes of conduct applicable to service providers and ensure compliance therewith;
  6.  issue such directions as may be necessary to ensure that persons in control of premises may provide effective access to premises for the delivery of mail;
  7. advise the Minister on all matters relating to the provision of postal services by the licensees.