The three main aspects of radiocommunications are radiofrequency planningspectrum monitoring and radio frequency safety.

The ICT Authority is empowered under section 18 (1) (p) of the ICT Act 2001, to “allocate frequencies and manage, review, and, where appropriate, reorganize the frequency spectrum.” The Authority also has as function under section 18(1) (r) of the ICT Act 2001, to “set up a radio frequency management unit for the allocation, monitoring, control and regulation of radio frequencies and, with the approval of the Minister, participate in any regional monitoring system.

The main duties of the Authority in the field of radiofrequency planning are:

  • Spectrum Planning in consultation with relevant stakeholders;
  • Advise and assist in the formulation of national policies regarding the regulation of radiofrequency planning.

With respect to spectrum monitoring, the main duties of the Authority are:

  • Spectrum monitoring;
  • Interference management;
  • Advise and assist in the formulation of national policies regarding the regulation of spectrum monitoring;
  • Entertain complaints from the radiocommunication operators and the public with regard to interference.

The Authority is also actively involved in ensuring that the radio stations are operated within the limits of radio frequency radiation as recommended by the International Commission on Non-ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). The Authority undertakes evaluation of stations prior to their setting-up and also effects on-site measurements, in accordance with international norms, upon request.
The Activities of the Authority in the field of radiocommunications include the following:-

  • Spectrum assignment and licensing
  • Station and Apparatus licensing
  • International Spectrum coordination

The ICT Authority also follows closely the work of the relevant ITU-R Study Groups and attends Study Group meetings as well as represents Mauritius in international conferences on radiocommunications such as the ITU Radio Assemblies (RA), Regional Radiocommunication Conferences (RRC) and World Radio Conferences (WRC).