A licence is an authorisation granted to provide a service permitted by law to the public or to use a national resource.

Under section 18 (1) (f) of the ICT Act 2001 (as amended), the ICT Authority has as function “to exercise licensing and regulatory functions in respect of information and communication services in Mauritius including the determination of types and classes of licensees and the approval of prices, tariffs and alterations thereto.”

The main duties of the Authority in the field of Telecommunication Licensing are to:

  • Perform Technical Evaluation of project proposals;
  • Undertake the whole licensing procedure;
  • Liaise with the Legal Department in the drafting of Licences;
  • Monitor compliance of licensees to their licence conditions;
  • Follow the work of the relevant of regulatory bodies around the world regarding licensing;
  • Represent Mauritius in international conferences on Telecommunications.