Section 18 of the ICT Act 2001 (as amended) sets out the functions of the Authority. This section  has a number of key provisions which pertain to consumer protection amongst which are that the Authority shall provide:

 “economic and technical monitoring of the information and communication industry in accordance with recognized international standard practices, protocols and having regard to the convergence of technology.” 18 (b)

“establish, for public operators, performance standards and linkage standards in relation to the provision of international and local telephone services, and monitor compliance with both of those standards;”

“report in such a manner as may be required, to the Minister  or to any other person on any matter that lies within its purview, such as the performance of public operators, the quality of consumer service and consumer satisfaction, measured against the best available international standards of practice;” 18 (f)

“ensure the safety and quality of every information and communication service, and for that purpose, determine technical standards for telecommunication network, the connection of customer equipment to telecommunication networks;” 18 (n)

And “entertain complaints from consumers in relation to any information and communication service in Mauritius, and where necessary, refer them to the appropriate authorities;”18 (o)