Under section 18 (1) (n) of the ICT Act 2001 (as amended), the Authority must ensure the safety and quality of every information and communication services including telecommunication service and, for that purpose, determine technical standards for telecommunication network, the connection of customer equipment to telecommunication networks.”

Why is compliance with standards important?

Standards bring numerous benefits to business and society.

Compliance with Standards

  • ensures that the operating frequency of all radio communication equipment is in conformance with the frequency spectrum allocation plan in Mauritius so that no harmful interference is caused to essential services;
  • is important for ensuring safety, reliability and environmental care;
  • addresses the needs for interconnection and interoperability which is particularly important for open markets, where users can mix and match equipment and services, and where suppliers can benefit from economies of scale; and
  • protects user and business interests, and supports government policies.

The Authority ensures compliance to standards by requiring that all ICT equipment being imported for commercialisation and use in Mauritius obtain clearance from the ICT Authority through the ICTA Online Portal in accordance with the Information and Communication Technologies (Clearance to Import ICT Equipment) Regulations 2019.

Users importing ICT Equipment need to ensure that the equipment they have imported comply to the standards determined by the Authority.

For Commercial Purposes (selling, exposing or offering for sale or hire)

  • A company/individual holding a valid Dealer’s Licence issued by the ICT Authority, may apply for clearance in order to market the equipment in Mauritius.

  • The manufacturer of the equipment or its representative may only apply for type approval of certain categories of equipment.

In order to authenticate himself on the ICTA Online Portal, the licensed Dealer will have to make use of the username and password issued by the ICT Authority for the intended purpose of TAC. For any further queries regarding same, kindly contact the ICT Authority.

TAC Submission

Please note that licensed Dealers will need to submit a Declaration of Compliance via the ICTA online portal to obtain an e-Clearance for mobile phones. They are now required to register the TAC (Type Allocation code) of the mobile phone at the time of application for the Declaration of Compliance.

For Non-commercial Purposes (including for personal use and for offering as gifts)

  • An individual/company may apply for clearance to import ICT equipment for his own use.

Applications must be made through the online portal developed by the Information and Communication Technologies Authority. Applicants are required to register on the online portal using a valid email address.

Applicants are required to read the Guidelines, and ensure that they have all the necessary documents prior to making an application on the online portal.

Poster: Clearance to Import ICT Equipment

The Clearance to import ICT Equipment Guidelines sets out the procedures to be followed by both licensed dealers and non-commercial importers of ICT Equipment to apply to the ICT Authority for type approval of and clearance to import their ICT equipment.

Click here to download the Clearance to import ICT Equipment Guidelines 

Click here to download the Information and Communication Technologies (Clearance to import ICT Equipment) Regulations 2019 


List of Technical Standards

The operation of ICT equipment may be subject to certain conditions. The conditions of operation, depending upon the category of equipment, are detailed hereunder:

As from 1st October 2019, all applications for the importation of ICT equipment are to be made solely on the online web portal of the ICT Authority prior to customs clearance.

You are advised to read the Clearance to import ICT Equipment Guidelines’  before proceeding with any application for clearance.

If you are applying for eClearance: