ICT Authority’s Online platforms complement measures for Stay Safe operations

The ICT Authority wishes to inform the public of three online platforms it is operating to deliver a range of its core services remotely. The online systems incorporate the procedures to enable users to navigate and obtain the e-deliverables of the Authority safely, securely and complement prevailing practices to counter the spread of the Covid-19 global pandemic.

As such the need for physical movement to the Authority to obtain information, authorizations or send complaints/queries is reduced or eliminated.

The online systems are as set out below:

1. Online Clearance Platform for ICT equipment
Entities wishing to import ICT equipment can use the Online Clearance portal at the following link: https://www.icta.mu/applyonline


2. Online Platform for Dealers’ Licence
Entities wishing to apply for a dealer’s licence are encouraged to use a dedicated portal at the following link: https://www.icta.mu/applyonline

3. Online Consumer Complaints System

The Authority has also set up a Consumer Complaints and Query System for consumers of ICT services: https://www.icta.mu/complaint/


Online payment facilities

Payments and outstanding dues are to be paid by bank transfer only. The banking details of the Authority are as follows:

Name of Bank:
State Bank of Mauritius Ltd.
Bank’s address:
1 Queen Elizabeth II Avenue, Port Louis
Account Number:
Swift Code:
Mauritian Rupee

Visits on appointment

To further strengthen the Stay Safe measures, the Authority currently requires anyone wishing to physically come to the Authority to request an appointment in writing at least one day ahead. The Authority will assess the request. Visitors will be required to wear masks and to bring along their National Identity Card and to practice social distancing.

The Authority is providing the interactive support remotely. As such information and guidance can be obtained by calling the ICTA on 2115333, or by sending an email (info@icta.mu) or directly and seamlessly on the online platforms themselves. A valid email address is needed to create accounts or profiles on the online systems.

The Authority underlines that all its measures have the best interests of its publics in mind and wishes to provide the safest possible environment to deliver its services.

08 June 2020